Turning inspired moments in your app into new revenue.

The Microgroove Storefront is the FREE, easy to implement, turn-key solution for enabling physical product purchases in your mobile application. By offering targeted, relevant products aligned with your users’ passions, the Microgroove Storefront adds substantial value for both you & your customers.

Add direct-to-consumer commerce and fulfillment to your existing app, with a few lines of code.

Microgroove® Storefront is a hosted white-label solution. Your brand, your customer.

Your New Channel

Engaging your audience during inspired moments in your app with unique products.

Physical Products

Physical products have a much higher average cart value over digital.

Easy integration

Simply link to product offers where recommended products are displayed in your app via mobile web.

microgroove storefront features

Your Margin

As an App Partner, you receive up to 15% commission on Gross for every product sold; riskless retail.

Secure Touch

Frictionless mobile checkout with state of the art transaction security.

World-Class Logistics

In strategic alliance with Ingram Content Group, the world's largest distributor of physical & digital content.

microgroove storefront why us

There’s no other solution like it.

Microgroove® Storefront has been engineered from the start as a mobile & touch solution. Why? Because mobile apps are the new search, mobile apps are the new shopping mall, mobile apps are where your customers live.

  • Engineered for easy deployment into your app.
  • Daily sales reports available 24x7.
  • Fortune 50 customer service provider.
  • Logistics partner who ships 10M CDF packages a year.

New Revenue

We get it, your product backlog is full with features. You've built an audience and have looked hard at monetization strategies. Maybe you've even experimented with referral commerce. But contemplating the software, services & logistics to offer in-app ecommerce has been more than daunting.

Microgroove® Storefront was conceived from the ground-up as the white-label, in-app solution for App Partners looking to monetize their audience, while maintaining their hard-earned brand & focus.

Implementing Microgroove® Storefront is not unlike embedding any html snippet. The touch-centric shopping & checkout experience is hosted in a mobile browser within your app. The customer never leaves the comfort of your brand.

We quite literally, take care of the rest.

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Here’s What's Included

Everything you need to start selling products in your app with no up-front costs


We source compelling products from millions of skus including books, music, video, entertainment merch, consumer electronics, sporting goods & more. We take care of inventory, retail pricing, fulfillment, customer service & returns. You need only collect your commission.


Your customers have a mobile-optimized checkout experience. Transactions occur utilizing the same gateway as the most successful mobile transacting businesses you can find. Customer data is available to you at no extra charge, and daily sales reports are available 24x7.


We know your focus is your own App's ops. That's why we have engineered a highly-scalable cloud-based solution staffed by our experienced team. We've manned the switch on hundreds of high-traffic properties, millions of skus & hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions.