We Solve Problems

Microgroove has a highly educated and experienced team in our Seattle-area office offering diverse and customized technology and engineering services to our clients.

We engage at all stages of a project, from conception through launch and onto the day to day management that is required for success.

Backend Technologies

Large-scale installations and complex IT environments are where we excell. We engineer for stability and scale and have years of experience in building systems that integrate with everything from legacy backends to Facebook and Twitter.

We host and manage over a hundred sites and business-critical APIs for our clients, which gives us first-hand experience of delivering real value, not just a list of buzzwords.

Frontend Technologies

Dependable infrastructure is a must, but your customers just want an app that works and is enjoyable to use. We design effective user experiences, not just web pages. We are fanatical about optimizing our HTML and JavaScript so that even the most complex pages flow with ease.

Trying to decide between native or web app? We can help you navigate the many options out there to maximize your technology investment.

Project Management

A key principle of the Scrum style of Agile Project Management is its recognition that in most projects, requirements change as the project progresses. And that's okay.

Scrum focuses on maximizing the team's ability to deliver quickly and respond to emerging requirements while consistently providing reviewable work to witness project progress.