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What you can expect from us

While we understand that every project is unique, Microgroove is typically involved with projects with at least six-month design and build phases. Complex integrations or highly specialized requirements often extend that timeline to twelve months or more.

As a Microgroove client, you will have a focused team of experienced professionals passionate about your success. Your Microgroove team members come with formal training, unmatched experience and contemporary knowledge of technologies.

What we expect from you

Our clients have business clarity, dedication and an open-mind. You don’t have to be a computer scientist (we are); you don’t have to be designer (we are); you don’t have to invent a process (we’ve got it).

Through that process, we have consistently delivered results working with executives, marketers, technologists…and many more.

We are skilled at asking the right questions and then documenting and demonstrating the solution. We ask that you have the clarity of your vision to respond, and the depth of imagination to see what’s next.

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