Hundreds of projects, a gazillion bits,
Microgroove has been creating bits for clients for well over a decade. Our core team has been in-place since the beginning offering an unmatched set of skills and experiences. During that time, we’ve almost seen it all.

Microgroove Music Platform

Our Microgroove® Music Platform is the single largest music-focused platform on the Web. Unlike generalized CMS systems, our Platform is designed around the everyday tasks of marketing entertainment products while fostering community. It is the de facto platform for the largest music company on the planet, currently hosting hundreds of sites and millions of members.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Ever been stuck on a plane reading the SkyMall magazine? Then chances are you have thumbed through the unique products offered by Hammacher Schlemmer. When America's oldest catalog company needed a custom-built platform to run their significant ecommerce business, Microgroove engineered the solution.

Getmusic Australia

Getmusic is a total music destination, combining the best elements of online music stores, social networking, news and fan sites. At close to two million SKUs, hundreds of thousands of MP3 streams and multiple realtime mobile APIs, Getmusic provided some unique challenges.